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Kids & Adults Love It

A Time Saver

Simple to Launder


Simple, No Tuck Bedding - Make Your Bed Fast.

Telae™ is an innovative bedding product that helps you make your bed faster and neater. There is nothing like it in the marketplace. Do your sheets or blanket push to the bottom of your bed? Do they get tangled in your comforter while you sleep? Telae™ puts an end to all of that.

How does Telae™ work?

Sheet & Sheet/Blanket combinations are interchangeable with the comforter, and zip in and out on each side. Shake Telae™ out, smooth it out, and the bed is made. It is that simple. Plus we give you a 30 day opportunity to try it. If you aren’t satisfied, return it for a refund.* Telae™ has helped to solve the frustration of years spent making bunk, loft and most any kind of bed. If you spend time doing this chore, you know exactly where the frustration lies.

With Telae™, you get a neatly made bed quick, and everyone can use it. Spend time doing things you want to do and leave the bed making solution to Telae™.

Telae your way to a better day.