Teaching Kids How To Make a Bed

by / Wednesday, 20 June 2012 / Published in Bunk Beds, Teaching Kids, Twin Beds

I’ve often wondered how many times I have asked my children to make their beds. I know that number is way more than I probably even realize. Their rooms always looked even messier without the bed being made, but they would always complain “it was too hard” or “took too long”.

My Mom would always say, “patience, they’ll figure it out.” One day I decided to get creative instead of combative. I hid wrapped treats in all the right places they were suppose to tuck the sheets & blankets and stack the pillows. It was fun for them, and I had nicely made beds for a change, but then one day I replaced treats with messages like “I love you.” and “I’m so proud of you.”  That didn’t thrill them as much as the wrapped delights did.  The treats continued for a few weeks, until it just wasn’t fun for me anymore.  I figured it was just time for them to make their beds.

What creative ways have you coaxed your kids into making their beds?

Oh, and by the way, making their beds isn’t the hassle it use to be now that they have Telae™ on their beds, but yes I do have to remind them from time to time to pull it up.  Maybe instead I should say it isn’t quite the struggle that it use to be.

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