I have seven kids (14 years down to 2 year old twins) Over spring break, we shuffled rooms so that our oldest has his own and the twins are now in the bottom of a loft bed. So those are the two places I used your bedding. I am giving details because the rooms have completely different themes. One chose the Legend of Zelda while the younger boys are sporting a Batcave with your bedding. I think it proves how truly versatile the khaki stripes are.  Now that I’ve been living with it, I love that the sham doesn’t have ties – you should see the tattered shams from our expensive “competitor’s” bedding! And I love that my oldest makes up his bed nearly every day – AMAZING!!!! I wasn’t sure that would last beyond the newness – but it has! WOW! Did I say wow??? Because WOW! He was always the one with the sheets or the blanket on the floor or between the bed and the wall, etc. A made bed to him was a spread out cover no matter how many lumps were underneath. {chuckle.} I make the twins’ bed, so I’ve had a chance to see how easy it is to have a nicely finished bed. One of my daughters has been competing with room tidiness and struggles with her bed. So I’ll say again, we need more choices!!  As tempting as it is, it would feel a little bit institutional for me to put the same comforter in every room of the house. 🙂 So bring on the girly girl and I’d welcome a queen-sized one, too!!!!

Victoria T. ~ Texas

The color is better looking than it appears on the pictures. Very nice khaki color. The sheets are very soft. My children were really excited to get their new bedding. Its been a couple of months they don’t pick up their beds because of the bunk bed issue. The pillow cases and shams are quite big, so I have to buy new pillows, but that is just fine with me. Pillows were old anyway. As you know the top bed is the hardest to make in bunk beds. But, I managed to place it in a way it looks nice and neat. It requires just a little effort to make. But is way better than the regular sheets and comforters. The bottom bunk bed is a breeze to make. I am satisfied with the system and very satisfied with the quality of the bedding. So nice doing business with you. We need more people to raise with quality products and great customer service like you in this World. Thank you! and blessings!

Angela R. ~ Puerto Rico

At first, I thought the Telae product was no different than your average bedding set.  Once I saw the product in person I realized how useful and easy it really is. They way all components zip together make it simple for those with rushed morning routines, messy children, those physically disabled, and those college bound students living in dorms. Telae bedding is a great product for anyone! I’m definitely planning on getting one before I leave for college.

Maddee R. ~ Michigan

For my Marketing Research project I was told a small local business owner needed help rebranding the company so it would better fit the market. I was skeptical about the product until I had a meeting with the owner to show me how the bedding exactly worked. I was shocked that the bedding looked so thin but was thick and warm.  I have enjoyed researching and helping the Telae brand and I cannot wait to see what happens!

Emily S. ~ Michigan

When I first found out about Telae bedding I wasn’t sure if I would like it for myself because it seemed complicated. Once I saw the product in person and got to experience it, I knew it was a good fit for me. The zipper is really easy to use and such a good idea. I can’t wait to see how big the Telae brand can get!

Rachel P. ~ Michigan

Thank you. We were skeptical at first that this bedding would help our son make his bed, but he LOVES it. Would love to see more colors and/or screening on the bedding. Good luck. Will tell my friends.

Samantha T. ~ California

Very well thought through, planned design, easy for children and adults to take apart for washing/put back together and use every day. Not only does this design make the “bed making” easier, the room looks much neater/nicer… no sheet or blanket “hanging out”. I think Telae™ is a HUGE time saver not only each day in making a bed, but every week as you change/wash bedding and have to remake the bed. No tucking in of the comforter/blankets, especially on those difficult bunk beds!!

Hillary P. ~ Michigan

I LOVE it!!  It is a super idea.  With three boys an easier TIDIER way to make a bed would be huge!  The quality and feel of all three pieces is fantastic.

Colleen D. ~ Michigan

It’s such a relief to me because I do not have to bend over to constantly tuck the sheet and blanket.  My back and neck feel much better.  Thank you Telae™.

Barb R. ~ Ohio

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