Twin XL Bedding Product


How is Telae™ different?  The sheet sets zip to the comforter and even better there are two sets of sheets: one for those needing extra warmth as it has a blanket sewn to that sheet and one without for those who need less warmth.

Pull the comforter up and the bed is made… it is THAT easy.

Telae™ Twin fits Twin XL Mattresses – great for college dorms.

  • Sheet/Blanket/Comforter Combination Shown. Comes with additional Bonus Sheet (no blanket) to use if less warmth is desired.
    • Note: the flat sheets, fleece blanket and comforter are tailored to a specific width and length to fit a twin XL bed.
    • Eliminates unnecessary excess material & bulk.
    • Fast bedding for twin XL, bunk, and loft beds.
  • 200 thread-count sheet set (fitted and flat) compliment the comforter.
  • Blanket/sheet combination features a 200 thread-count flat sheet sewn to a white fleece blanket for cooler climates and those needing additional warmth.  Excellent item to have on-hand when sheet-only item is in the laundry.
  • Bonus 200-count flat sheet is included with the set for warmer climates and those needing less warmth.  It is also a great item to have when the other sheet is in the wash.
  • 200 thread-count pillow case
  • Matching pillow sham that compliments the comforter

Price for Taupe/Cream Bedding Set (includes shipping): $89.99.